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Bosch Concrete Breaker- 5KG-11KG & 16KG

Description :

Breakers from bosch impress with their high material removal rate.vibration control allows for a longer operating time and greater comfort for heavy duty demolition work.
They are available for sale and hire in 5kg,11kg, and 16 kg capacity.

Advantages :

5kg Concrete Breaker
1.Longer lifetime with power that    impresses in its class
2.Reduced contact pressure & long    hammer tube for good and balanced    performance
3.15% higher impact force ensure high     material removal rate
4.Strengthen impact housing for    longest lifetime in the class

11kg Concrete Breaker
1. The specialist tool for breakthroughs     and demolition work
2.Extreme impact force of 16.8 joules    for high material removal rate
3.Low-vibration in operation and no-load
4.Low feed pressure, for fatigue-free working

16kg Concrete Breaker
1.Extreme power for 13 tons of material removal per day
2.Highest material removal rate due to 41 J single impact force and 1750 watts motor power
3.Longest lifetime due to robust design and use of high-quality materials
4.Vibration Control for reduction of harmful vibration and, therefore, longer operating time and greater ease of use

Technical Details 5 Kg 11Kg 16Kg
Rated input power* 1,100 W 1,500 W 1,750 W
Impact energy* 7.5 J 16.8 J 41 J
Impact rate at rated speed 2,850 bpm 900 – 1,890 bpm 1,300 bpm
Weight* 5.6 kg 10.1 kg 16.5 kg
Tool dimensions (width) 110 mm - 255 mm
Tool dimensions (length) 465 mm 570 mm 760 mm
Tool dimensions (height) 240 mm 270 mm -
Tool holder SDS max SDS max
30 mm internal hexagon