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High Frequency Dingo Vibrator Enar Make

specifications :

  • Portable concrete vibrator.
  • Handles designed to protect the motor
    perimeter against knocks.
  • Cable reinforcement at motor outlet.
  • Housing with 5 times greater resistance than required by regulation.
  • Three handles around motor body and another handle on resr for use with short transmissions and upright jobs.
  • Anti-abrasion hose with integrated mesh reinforcement
    and interior strapping.
  • Reindorced needle connection by remoulding.
  • Easily removable and adjustable belt.
  • Foam and grating filter at air intake.
  • Leak tight switch protected from knocks.
  • Flexible shafts from 1 to 5m.
  • Vibrator head of 25,38,48 and 58 mm.