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High Frequency Concrete Vibrator Rocket

Specifications :

ROCKET is a reference technique that handles a wide range of operations. This high-frequency immersion vibrator with integrated transducer is designed to meet advanced engineering developments. The equipment is efficient and compact and Made in Spain. ROCKET is a compact and efficient equipment in which an electronic converter is connected to a high-frequency vibrator. ROCKET provides the same benefits as the AFP series, but without the need for a separate generator / transmitter.

  • Capacity230 V
  • Weight3.4 KG
  • Diameter38, 50, 58
  • Size5 Meter
  • Frequency200 Hz
  • Automation GradeAutomatic
  • Thermal protection of the stator.
  • For high performance, oil is used as a lubricant - Reinforced vibrator head.
  • Maintenance free
  • Progressive start to prevent the passage of strong current through poker, avoiding damage
  • IP 67 Rain and Dust proof
  • PRCD System - Optional

Safe and reliable

Emergency shutdown Protected against electric shock Protection against:
Electrical overload.
Short circuit
leakage current

Maintenance free

Thanks to the electronic converter system, Rocket does not have parts that will wear out and require replacement.

Protected transmitter housing

Clean, sleek and ergonomic design. High resistance housing to protect the electronics inside from shock.